June 28th, 2017


I got up earlier then planned this morning, by accident, but I think the reason was beyond my control. As I am sitting here on the 7Th floor of our hostel, looking out upon the city of Frankfurt, Germany as the sun slowly rises illuminating the city, I reflect on my trip. What an amazing trip it has been. Its hard to believe that three weeks ago I was in Corvallis, Oregon preparing for summer and a trip to Eastern Europe, and now I am watching a gorgeous sunrise in Germany after the most life influencing 2 weeks I have ever had. I have been in 4 countries, each with a different economic state and different in countless ways. Yet, through out my whole experience I have just concluded one simple fact- regardless of what you do, where you do it, or who you are, every day can be a good day. You can be a multi-millionaire from Europe, a baker from a small village in Macedonia, or the driver of a flashy Mercedes Taxi in Germany, or even a student athlete from Oregon State University… and no matter who you are, every day has the potential to be a good day. For some, a good day is measured my money, or material objects, and to others its how productive they are in their professional field. Some may view a good day by how many people the help or if they see their family, and some measure a good day by how many meals they are able to eat. The sun rises the same everywhere across the world. Every morning it shines its glowing orange and yellow rays across the horizon and lets us know that “ yes, here is another day- now make the most of it”. Regardless of how you measure you day, remember this:

Every day can be a good day

          I’m coming home


#NP You Give Me Something- James Morrison

June 27th, 2017


We woke up in Macedonia for the last time this morning. The sky was dark, we were tired, our bags were packed; yet we couldn’t have felt any better. We had just spent 2 weeks in a foreign country, helping a family in need add a whole second story to their house; we changed lives. We were able to take 2 weeks of our summer, and spend our time getting pushed out of our comfort zones and after being launched deep into Macedonian culture we found ourselves with home in sight. We were all sad to leave, but this bittersweet moment was inevitable and now we are headed home.

We left the hostel at 3:30 am to catch our 4:30 am flight. Being such a small airport we did not need to get there hours before like a larger airport such a PDX or SeaTac. Our first flight was an hour and a half to Vienna, Austria where we had a 2.5-hour layover before heading on an hour-long flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Once here we did the only thing any reasonable, hungry, American would do… we ate a Hooters. A medley of mild, medium, hot, Daytona and 911 flavored wings fulfilled the needs of Joe, Roberto and I as MC and Jen shared soup and salad.  We finished our meal and began a new challenging adventure… find out where our hostel was and how the heck we get there.

A train or two was in our future, a short walk and a boatload of reading and attempting to interpret German maps was our task. We gained some invaluable help from the Travel Center in the airport; they helped us figure out the trains we needed to board and how to get tickets. The plan was to go to Track 1 and board the S9 train and after about 2-4 stops get off, in order to find platform 104 at Frankfurt HBF and board the S5 train. I took lead and once I got an idea of the multiple maps each with different colored trains… we found ourselves walking off the S5 train at the proper stop- now to find the hotel. As we walked towards a map to see where we were, MC exclaimed “ I see the hostel!” and sure enough, there was Meininger Hostel rising above the surrounding industrial buildings. After a 5-minute walk, we dragged our luggage through the front door, and The Sweetness helped us find our rooms; Jen, MC, and I headed up to the top floor to our three bed room that MC had booked before we left the states ( SOO  happy she did that). We didn’t know at that time we reserved the room that Joe and Berto were with us, so they got their own 2-bedroom room. A shower and a 4 hour nap was what came next as our mildly air conditioned room was dark and comfortable.

A 4-hour nap is really a wonderful thing. Haha- after 2 weeks of working and staying busy having a day to just lay down with no interruptions was exactly what we needed. After our nap, Mc, Jen, and I headed down to the lobby for some free Internet access and some ice-cold water. Our next task was to find a cheap but fulfilling place for dinner.

Some other guests had some food delivered as we were walking out to go to an ATM, so after our stroll through the developing area we received help from a worker at the front desk of our hostel to translate the menu and order food for us from Pizzeria Uno. Our food came about 45 minutes later, two salads and a large pepperoni pizza is what we ordered, but what was delivered was a little different. The salads were great but when we opened the pizza box, instead of round slices of pepperoni on our pizza, there was diced peperoncini…. Yeah- MC loved it but Jen and I picked off the big chunks. It was still a well enjoyed meal, and at this point we are all so tired and ready to come home it wasn’t a big deal what we ate. Before we were aware of this place, we considered eating some of the 17 cliff bars I had left over from Macedonia for dinner! Haha oh what a trip this has been. After we ate we continued to hang in the lobby some more, talking with each other and people from back home ( via skype), and I finished watching The Carter, a documentary about Lil Wayne- Shout out to my cousin Brian for hooking me up- Looking forward to chillin’ tomorrow night cous- we run deep!!

We finished the night by watching TV in our room, I got in a little home workout. We all passed out as soon as we hit the beds…. Tomorrow we are home:)





#NP I’m Coming Home- J Cole

#NP Homecoming- Kanye West

June 26th, 2017

I got up this morning, my last morning in Macedonia when I would be getting up at a regular time. This was my last day in this country I have come to enjoy so much over the last 2 weeks, time has really flew by. We got up and had about 4 hours until our bus was schedule to take is back to Kumanovo, so we decided to hike up the Castle. The town of Ohrid sits at the bottom of a small mountain; we hiked up to the top through the alleyways and crooked staircases of homes and shops. The higher up we traveled, the nicer the houses became. The Castle was being rebuilt in some areas, and you could see improvements and updates had been made in the last decade. The view from the top was incredible, we got some really good pictures! After 30 minutes of taking in the sights, we headed back down through the town and found a small Gyro shop. We got some gyros for lunch to eat on the bus ride home, then headed back to the hotel to finish packing up and head back.

The bus ride home seemed much shorter than the long curvy adventure we had on the way there, apparently there are a few different ways one can go….

The gyro’s was small but hit the spot, and we stopped at a gas station for some more snacks and cold drinks. The bus ride was spent sleeping and watching half of The Dark Knight and half of the comedy Role Models, to good movies reminding me of home. We got back to Kumanovo about 6 in the evening then walked in town one last time for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Kobra, where we at in the rooftop eating section. I ordered a burger, which came out as a large patty of meat, the size of my hand, with no bun or anything! It was a solid last supper in Macedonia.

On the way back to the hotel I spent the last Dinar I had on some chocolate ad other snacks to bring home and share with family and friends, the chocolate is a little different over here but very good. Once back at the hotel we got all packed up and enjoyed a few hours of relaxing, and even got a few visits from some of the kids in the town. I have about 50 new friends on Facebook, all kids from this town, and about half wanted to play basketball or hang out so I told them to come by the hotel and say bye. I left a bunch of my OSU gear and clothes for some of the kids, it’ll probably be a little big at first, but I’m sure  they’ll grow into them.

Joe, Roberto, Mc, Jen, and I leave tomorrow morning at 4:30am for Vienna, the after a 2 hour layover we fly to Frankfurt, Germany. We’ll stay in Frankfurt for 23 hours then arrive back in the US on Tuesday at 11:30 am. I do not know what the Internet situation will be over the next couple days but I will update when I can.




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June 25th, 2017

I woke up at 9:30 to a nice warm morning and got some breakfast. Half of our team was leaving so we took our time to say goodbye and send them off properly. With half of our team leaving, the fact my time here was almost over really hit me. We were leaving for Lake Ohrid in about an hour, I took the time to think about my time here and really reflect on this whole experience. This trip was one of those things that you think you know how its going to go and how you will feel and what you will experience, but now that its over… everything that I thought would happen did but in a way astronomically more than I thought…

We took a 4 hour bus ride from Kumanovo to Lake Ohrid, one of the top tourist and vacation spots in all of Macedonia. We were able to get our work done ahead of schedule, so we came down here for the weekend. The drive was really long, but it was through he countryside and a mountain range. The road hugged the mountainside and followed the natural curvature of the land. Passing large layered quarries along the way, the lush green mountains topped with a cloudy blanket were very pretty to see, when I wasn’t sleeping that is;)

Once in the city of Ohrid, we checked into our apartments- yes apartments. The guys and Dave stayed in three rooms at the Veron Villa apartments, and the girls stayed across the street at another complex. The rooms were very simple, nothing fancy… EXCEPT Hannah and Krista’s room. They somehow scored a penthouse apartment complete with full kitchen, king bed, and a living room that would make some of the restaurants and bars around envious. After everyone say everyone else’s accommodations, we all ventured out to the main walk to explore. The sun was slowly making its way down to the horizon as we walked along the boardwalk, which bordered the lake. It was a picturesque scene, with classic red and white town on right and the beautiful lake and scenery on the right, the whole scene reminded me of something you would see in a movie filmed in a Mediterranean setting.   We walked around for a few hours looking at all the stores, tourist stands and people watching.  We got some food at a restaurant right on the lake,  (descriptive food blogging coming up) and Oh MY GOODNESS! They had the best garlic butter I have ever had in my life. The whole table was in shock over how tasty it was. A little bit of this spread on the half loaf sized pieces of bread being brought out and no one was talking for about 5 minutes… it was amazing. We finished dinner and the garlic butter and headed towards the town and the main walk where the majority of the shops, stands, and people were. However, on the way we took a quick detour and got on a boat belonging to Cowboy Bobby. He was an American loving local who hung around the boardwalk all day with his simple boat offering 30 minutes rides to those passing by. The 9 of us got on his boat and took a short ride up the beach passed the town and then back again to where we started. It was only $1,000 dinar for all of us to go (that’s like $25), and we got some great pictures and a few good laughs as well.

We continued to explore the city and shops for the next couple hours and eventually found our way to a McDonalds! Now, this particular establishment only served burgers… no fries… no chicken nuggets, just burgers. We each got our fix and proceeded to hit the nightlife. We all stuck together and for the next several hours enjoyed a slew of different settings and places. We ended up at a Pizzeria for a late night meal before heading to our apartments. It was an epic night to end an epic experience.



#NP Young, Wild and Free- Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Tomorrow is the last day of blogging from Macedonia- 🙁 man how time flies…

Well I’ll blog again within the next couple days to keep everyone updated and try to put up some more pictures as well.

Thanks for reading my blog too, If you enjoy it shoot me an email and let me know! [email protected]



Friday cont.

OMG there is a crazy lightening and thunder storm going on right now! HUGE streaks of light streaking accross the sky and to the ground, and little pockets of white and orange  often explode up in the clouds…. its unbelievable- like something out of a movie… AMAZING finish to an AMAZING trip


#NP the sounds of thunder rumbling over the Macedonian Hill side- Mother Nature

June 24th, 2017


Our last workday in Macedonia, I woke up at 8:00 and laid in bed for  about 45 minutes and reflected on my time here. Its has gone by unbelievably fast, and we have done and seen so much… its like just the other day we were meeting in Valley Football Center in a classroom to learn about some country over in Europe that almost no one had heard of. Here we are in the heart of Macedonia, building an addition to a home for a family who speaks little no English, yet we understand each other with the most universal sign of all: a smile.

We all got to the worksite today and had a slow day with smaller tasks and of course some brick moving;) We moved about 300 bricks from the ground to the roof, mixed some mortar and worked on the foundation for the brick wall that would be placed in the trench we dug over the last few days. The local contractors took today off so we were not able to work on the roof at all, plus there is a local superstition that when building a roof you must start at the beginning of the week otherwise your home will have several years of bad luck. We finished the day and our time working here by putting up the basketball hoop we made. It is made out of wood, nails, rebar, and the frame of bicycle wheel, it is a simple but pleasing thing that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy. We took some pictures, said goodbye to the kids who were there and took one last bittersweet walk away from the home. Around 2,500 (ballpark) bricks moved, countless pounds of mortar, and buckets of sweat lost and hard work were all put into this house over the last 2 weeks and now it is over.

We returned to the hotel and relaxed for a few hours before walking into Kumanovo for dinner. We returned to the restaurant with the big burgers for another tasty meal; salads, bread, and grilled meats filled our hungry bellies. The family whose house we have been working on got dressed up and joined us for dinner, although we didn’t not converse much because the language barrier, we mutually enjoyed each others company and exchanged several smiles. After dinner, one of our Habitat for Humanity leaders, Milan, said a few words and thank you’s, followed by Taylor doing the same, I spoke on behalf of our cohort and thanked Taylor and Matt for being such great leaders and guides on this adventure- plus the AMAZING camera and video work they have done!! As we left we thanked everyone in the family for letting us come help and they thanked us. Each hug, handshake and kiss they gave us was different than any I had felt before. No words needed to be said; through their actions I could feel their gratitude and appreciation for us and what we have done with them over the last 2 weeks. True emotion came through them and it literally warmed my body, I had never felt anything like it before. Similar to this trip, this was something you cannot explain and something someone cannot understand or full appreciate until you experience it for yourself.

We headed back to the hotel, some people went out to the city to explore while others stayed at the hotel to relax. This has been an amazing journey so far, 2 weeks I will never forget and will cherish forever.




#NP Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen- Baz Luhrmann

June 23rd, 2017


10:30 am alarm going off, and I’m struggling to find my phone to push snooze. After what seemed like an eternity, I found it on the floor next to the empty water bottle and the box of hazelnut wafers I ate the night before. I eventually gathered enough energy to get up and get ready for the day; teeth brushed, clothes on, bag packed… I’m ready. Today we were not heading to the worksite; instead we were going to spend the day in Skopje. With a historical tour and some free time it was looking to be a good day.

We began at the Skopje Fortress up the crest of a hill looking over the city and the Vardar River. The first fortress here was built back around the 6th century BC ad since then has been improved upon and some parts rebuilt, but some original pieces remain. This was another ancient site we were able to learn about during our time here, and like Stobi Archeological site, it was incredible to be in the presence of something so unique and old that has stood the test of time. Unfortunately there was some political and religious fighting along with some destruction of the fortress recently and it was closed so we were only able to walk around it. Apparently even though it is an ancient building there are still harsh feelings about who built what and when…

For more info you can check out the link below:

From the fortress we walked though the alleys and coble stone streets of Old Town Skopje, filled with small shops, snack stands, and tourist stands, it reminded me of walking through one of the themed villages in Disneyland. The whole place had a certain character and look. There were “gypsy” children here and there begging for money, our tour guide held a certain feeling of disgust… for them. She was very adamant about not giving them any attention and making sure we had nothing in our pockets and we were aware of our backpacks. This was a little weird because just a day before we were immersed in a “gypsy” community meeting families and being welcomed and now we were being told to watch out possessions as if Aladdin and the 40 thieves were going to pounce on us as we walked around the corner! I thought this was similar to a certain minority back home and the ethnic majority’s general perception of them. They are looked down upon and not accepted by a large part of society and not even welcome in some areas of town.

We learned a lot about Old Town Skopje and even got a tour of one of the oldest churches in Macedonia, some of the woodwork within the church was hand carved from the inside out; it was some of the most intricate woodworking I had ever seen! Very impressive and expensive today according to our tour guide, so much so the British tried to buy the whole church recently because of its rarity and value… of course the Macedonians declined. We left the church and finished our tour at a coffee shop on the edge of old town. We got some iced coffees, Skopskop and water while enjoying the Air Conditioned seating area. We then headed to meet up with Roberto and our team leader Dave, Roberto had to go get a tetanus shot from the glass that cut him during the backboard incident. After we regrouped we walked over the river on a walkway with several tourist-oriented tables selling small toys, hats and sunglasses. I got a pair of sunglasses and with some bartering skills I managed to talk to seller down 300 dinar (about $8 half of what he was asking!).  The walkway ends at a giant statue of Alexander the Great on a horse, a focal point for the city and malls around. We got lunch at a restaurant with menus serves in leather bound books and as long as a chapter out of a Harry Potter book! Haha ok maybe a little exaggeration but it was a large menu with 3 pages of different kinds of pasta and 2 pages of different kinds of pizza. I ended getting a pasta dish with cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil, and a pepperoni, basil, pizza  (there was something else on it but I cant remember). This is one of my favorite restaurants so far on the trip, everything was very good and cheap too! This restaurant was playing some smooth jazz, but it was not regular American smooth jazz oh no- it was a playlist of smooth jam remixes to the songs like YMCA… yes a smooth jazz remix of YMCA- only in Macedonia!!

The 3 hours following lunch were given to us as free time to explore the city and shops around the area. I started off with everyone and we bought matching red Macedonia hats, and then went off with Matt to look for a shirt he wanted to get.  Near the stand where we bought the hats, was a monument to Mother Theresa and four, gold,  L shapes in the pavement signifying where the house Mother Theresa was born in; talk about a historical spot!

We ended up meeting back up with everyone about 2 hours later. Seeing all the shops with different styles and set ups was cool, it was in a way similar to back home but at the same time different; even the manikins here look different… in a creepy “Bride of Chucky” way. Once we al met up we walked 15 minutes into town to a place called the American Corner. The AC is a place within the City library, that  is ran by the US embassy in partnership with the library, it’s a place providing American culture and literature to anyone who is interested. You ca become a member cost free and come use and check out any of the materials they offer. We were there for about 30-45 minutes talking with the employees and some of the members ( ages 16-22) who came and meet us. It was an opportunity to share culture with one another and at the same time let us learn a little about how our country is viewed and answer questions about America to these young adults. These people spend their time reading and watching any American material they can get their hands on, it was pretty cool to be on the outside looking in at America… sometimes a new perspective can really open your eyes to what’s always been in front of you.

After almost leaving Joe at the American Corner, we headed an hour drive back to the hotel. We were supposed to have dinner in Skopje, but after a long, hot day of walking around the city, we were already to go back to the hotel and relax. Our new dinner plans once we got back involved, calling a local pizzeria and explaining what delivery pizza was, ordering 10 pizzas, and paying for a taxi for an employee to bring us the pizza. We all ate taxi delivered pizza, salad from the hotel, and other snacks from the local market outside the hotel in the warm summer night; one of our last here in Macedonia. It has gone by so fast!!

Only a few more blogs… wow




#NP  Never Know- Jack Johnson

June 22nd, 2017


Got up today after a good night sleep, had breakfast and was on the worksite by 9:30. Our first task was to finish the trench we had started a couple days ago. We needed to make the edges straight down and the bottom a little deeper. We took turns with the pick axes and “shovels” and slowly but surely got the trench to the needed dimensions. Defeating the trench was a moment of personal victory for me; It had been a thorn in my side and always in my mind since we started; “Man one of these days we got to finish that trench”. Our next task included mixing and moving more mortar, a task that we had become all too accustomed too. We worked until about 11:30 before we had an authentic pork lunch. They killed a pig this morning and had been prepping it every since, and let me tell you- it was fresh, some pieces still had a little hair on it:( But there were also the infamous chicken breast sandwiches, which served as a safe zone for a lot of people. After lunch we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up and packed for a day trip to the largest Roma community in the world, and the 2nd largest open-air market in Macedonia. We walked through the community; it appeared to be in a state very close to a third world country. (Roma is the politically correct term for the people referred to as “gypsies” by others).  Habitat for Humanity is present in the Roma community and has helped several families improve their living situations. We were to visit 2 families and visit with them inside their homes, and like this trip seeing these families and how they live was an eye opening experience. You can read and watch all about a different culture, event, or anything really, but once you experience it yourself and see and feel it in real life… you can never really know what it is like. Some kids were following us barefoot down the streets and wanted to pose for pictures for our cameras, all of the kids though would come up to us and mutter in I don’t know what language, but I can only assume it was begging for money. There are Roma children in every community we have been too who do this. Some look like they have not eaten or showered in days, ragged clothes with dirt covering them… its really sad.

After exploring the Roma village, we headed into downtown Skopje for an American meal… McDonalds!! We have been seeing signs for this amazing American invention for the last week, but this was our first chance to dig our teeth into a tasty all beef burger. We all placed our orders and the total dollar amount sent a shockwave through the computer system and froze the entire system for about 3 minutes. Our total was a little over 4,000 dinar… that’s over $100!!! It took 6 trays of food to bring all the food to the table! This is one meal I will not repeat everything I ate our of sheer embarrassment haha. But it was much enjoyed by everyone:)

After our fast food binge, we walked around the area surrounding the Golden Arches, an area filled with shops, tourist stands, and a 4-story mall. We ended up splitting into a few small groups based upon the stores we were trying to go to.  We walked around for about an hour before hitting the rendezvous point.. McDonalds. We boarded the bus and headed to a local school for a basketball game… one that would become one of the most memorable basketball games any of us have ever or will ever see.

We had a game set up with a local club team who wanted some good competition so Roberto, Joe, Howard, Ryan, Garret, Matt and myself laced up our kicks and got hyped to play some ball. It was a fun game, we were winning the whole time but it was close at times. There was about a minute left, we were up by at least 20, and Roberto were jones’n for a dunk. We got the board and were pushin’ it up the court, Garret was looking like D Wade, he drove the line and threw it off the back board- Berto jumped up.. caught the ball… over a Skopje player… threw the ball through the hoop, grabbed the rim….. and SHATTERED THE BACKBOARD!!! My boy Roberto Nelson #55 from Santa Barbara shattered the backboard. It was a vintage backboard from when the school was initially set up, and the other teams coach had warned us not to dunk but there Joe, Berto, and myself and a few of the other teams players had been dunking all game so we didn’t think anything of it. But somehow he hit the right spot and the glass rained down. We have video and photos of the bucket list item and will be posted ASAP. It was an incredible feat that every basketball player in the world dreams of doing, big ups to my man Berto! And a special shout out to Brendon Ziegler our strength and conditioning coach back in Corvallis!! All those weights and training are paying off B, we are breaking backboards and taking names out here in Macedonia!

After the Berto got some stitches and a memorable trip to a Macedonian hospital we headed back to the hotel. It was a memorable day with a legendary story.




# NP Slide Show- T.I


June 21st, 2017

I woke up at 9am had the same breakfast, packed up my stuff and headed to the worksite. Once there we had to wait about an hour for a lift to be set up. The goal today was to finish the 2nd story ceiling, in order to do this we would have to mix and move about 100 wheelbarrows of motor to be spread across the ribs and bricks on the 2nd story. Instead of carrying up all that mortar by hand in buckets,  we would fill wheelbarrows with the mortar then they would be lifted to the 2nd story and poured out then brought back down using the same life. At first glance this lift looked a little iffy, but it worked well all day and only one wheelbarrow of mortar was lost. About half way through our workday I went with Matt to film my daily journal. Every day one of us shoots a short video about something that happened that day, it’s a pretty cool and entertaining way to keep everyone back home up to date with short clips about our time here.

After I finished my daily journal and the work was almost done, Garret, Joe, Roberto and I went into town with Milan looking for ankle braces/ shoes for the basketball game we were playing the next day. Unfortunately we were unable to find much, Joe and I have size 18 and 15 shoe and were later told there are no shoes that big in Kumanovo! We went home with a pair of ankle braces, but despite the lack of shoes, it was a fun trip into the town.

We got back to the hotel about 4:45 and relaxed for about 20 minutes before we headed to the school to play some basketball. A guy named Tyzee came to our worksite today, his friend has been helping us on the house and told Tyzee we played basketball. He is a local Hip Hop/Reggae recording artist who also played basketball over here for a few years. He and some of his friends and Joe, Roberto, Ryan, Howard, Garret and myself played some 5 on 5. It was nothing serious… just some fun pick up, but man it felt great to get up and down the floor! It was fun to play some ball in an indoor gym and feel the rhythm of the game.

After 2 hours of hoopin, we headed back to the hotel and showered up for dinner we had been anxiously anticipating al day. We were headed to PomOdoro, a pizzeria that was owned by a man who was a cook at an American Army base in Djibouti, Africa- finally a chance to eat some real pizza! The menu was very extensive and the owner was extremely friendly. I ended up ordering the breaded cheese (a new favorite of mine over here), Chicken tenders, a Caesar salad and a delicious pepperoni pizza with real tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. I don’t want to sound like a broken record here but… wow another delicious meal!!

Today is a shorter blog day..


Talk to you soon


#NP just the way you are – Bruno Mars

Monday June 20th, 2011

         Got up at 8:45 this morning for a quick breakfast- you don’t really need a lot of time or space when you eating half a load of bread and some ham. We all arrived on the worksite about 9:10, and started working within 15 minutes. The goal for today was to move all the ribs for the 2nd floor ceiling from the ground. A group of us were on the ground moving and lifting the 12-16 foot long ribs up and once I got it as high as I could, the next group on the 2nd floor would grab it and pass it up to the next group on the third floor to lay the ribs in place for the 2nd story ceiling. It was a tiring process but we were able to get it done within an hour or so. After that, the OSU Brick squad was on call and we moved a bunch of bricks- one of our best worksite skills. At one point I went over to help Taylor and Kristen with the Basketball hoop we are building for the kids. It is actually a sweet hoop that would awesome to have back home, a very grassroots look constructed with careful consideration. We took a brake for lunch at 1:00, and enjoyed the chicken breast sandwiches every one has come to like. Once the chicken breast feast was over, we went back to moving bricks and moving the rest of the ribs for the rest of the day. It was a long day, and doing the same 2 jobs through out the day made it a little tedious. We called it a day at 3ish and made it back to the hotel. After cleaning up and relaxing for a short minute, we had sandwiches before getting on the bus and heading to the Mayor of Staro Nagorichane Province Residence. A few Macedonian TV camera crews were there as well, we spent some time listening and conversing with him. He was very interested in what we though of his province and his country, and of course we told the truth- its different in some ways from back home, but a beautiful area with very nice people! Following our meeting in his residence, the major led us over to an old church about 2 blocks away from his place.

From the ground up to the second story it is all original from the 11th century, and then from the second story up is all original from the 14th century. This was another ancient piece from the past that we were able to experience. The inside walls were completely covered with fresco paintings. I got some pictures and will definitely post those! All the women in our group however were not able to go step inside because their legs were exposed and women need to be fully clothed in order to step into this highly sacred place. Some of us guys thought I was unfair they could not see this beautiful church from the inside, so we took off our shorts and handed them over. They were able to go inside and the other guys were just hanging because they had 2 pairs of shorts on… however… I was not wearing two pairs of shorts and found myself standing within the walls of this ancient and most holy church in my underwear! Krista was the one I so gladly sacrificed my clothing for and I would do it again in a heartbeat- the inside of this place was so cool.

         After regaining my clothes, we all walked with the Mayor and a few of his people back to his residence. On the way we walked past a little convenient store, where the Mayor bought everyone a bottle of Skopskop- the most popular bottle of beer in Macedonia. He took of his tie and we all sat down an enjoyed a cold one with the Mayor; pretty cool! While everyone was knockin em back, Roberto and I spotted one of the largest chickens we had ever seen. Naturally we decided it would be a good idea to try to catch it… hahaha wow it was much harder than we thought! We used a cornering technique but the evasive poultry escaped through some thick brush near the side of the street.  We had a few more chances but were unsuccessful, yet it was not in vain for this experience would prove helpful in the very near future. Upon arrival to the Mayor’s residence, we all noticed a few smaller, regular sized chickens in the yard…. This was round 2! We worked together chasing the frantic little birds all over the yard until one was caught by Jen after it was hiding in some arborvitae, and about 3 minutes later one was trying to outrun me.. it failed and I caught the chicken!! Haha it felt good knowing that with a little help, (shout out to Ryan McCants) a chicken can be caught.

         We then proceeded to the nearby school to play a soccer game against some locals. We though we were playing kids or teenagers, but no… we were playing full grown men, the youngest was probably about 30. We strapped on our game faces and got hyped for the game. We played a great game on the Macedonian blacktop but sadly lost 3-2. After a close game we decided we should get some good food to ease our pain of the loss, so we headed to The Harp, an Irish pub in the town of Kumanovo. Being a young man with Irish-ness running through my veins I was excited for a meal I knew would be nothing less then divine. I enjoyed a Caesar salad, garlic bread, fried cheese, and a chicken fillet steak from the grill with French fries.. Some people have commented via email to me that I am obsessed with food due to the nature of my posts sometimes- and I do! After dinner a few of us walked to the Casino a few blocks away, and some people enjoyed playing some traditional poker games, in addition to this we met an American from Massachusetts along the way who was friends with some locals; real cool girls who spoke English! Haha a great change from everyone else here.

         We got back to the hotel with full stomachs, new friends, and a little less ( more for some) money in our pockets. All in all another great day:)




NP Honeybee- Blake Shelton

Hootie hoo

Sunday June 19th, 2011

Everyone woke up today a little late then usual… just in time for lunch actually! We left the Hotel Park in Veles at 12:30, loaded our stuff into the trailer behind the Sprinter, and then walked to lunch. Lunch consisted of the usual salads, cheese, bread, and meat… and yes the chicken was bomb, but there was also a new item- Omelet’s!  We had chicken and cheese omelets and some people ordered various types of meat and veggies and sides. The waiter misunderstood some people’s orders and when they asked for a omelet with only chicken and cheese, they were brought a plate with a chicken breast and melted cheese on top; the communication/language barrier can be comical at times.

We boarded the bus and drove 20 minutes to the Stobi Archaeological Site. An ancient Roman City initially built in the 2nd century BC under the reign of the Macedonian king Phillip V. We got a special tour of the whole site and saw everything from the jaw dropping coliseum, the church, the bathhouse and some other social and family dwellings. It was incredible to be within this ancient city, you see stuff like his on TV or magazines, but we actually walked through the same corridors and on the same stone as people thousands of years ago! We finished up the tour with the honor of being able to go into what was left of the coliseum and took some cool photos and videos: and yes Planking was involved.

(Quick heads up—keep an eye out for the official Planking Without Borders photo album coming soon…)

After our surreal trip around Stobi, we took a 20-minute drive into Skopje and headed to the residence of Philip T. Reeker, the United State Ambassador for a BBQ and swimming. On the way though… it was proven that Macedonia has the craziest drivers of anywhere I have every seen! Never have I seen such a blunt disrespect of road rules and driving courtesy… passing and a lack for any stop light or yielding.. haha it was intense. But once we got his house, never in my life has a pool looked so refreshing or felt so good. It was like jumping into a cool wet heaven and every muscle in my body relaxed and was immediately relaxed… oooh man it was nice. The food was American and boy was it good!! Burgers, grilled chicken and a variety of classic BBQ sides such as Potato salad, and sliced tomatoes with onions. Everyone had a great time swimming, eating, and mingling with other Americans who were there ( from the Embassy and a few marines). There was also a puppy who someone brought who was saved off the streets in Macedonia; it was only 5 weeks old and sooo cute!! There are a lot of stray dogs here and we even saw a stray horse! No joke! It was chillin under an over pass eating some dead grass… nothing holding him there or any type of identification or sign of ownership…. Hahaha they got stray/wild horses out here!

But the Ambassadors house was a much-appreciated break from the last week. Once we got back to the hotel, everyone gathered in the lobby area of our floor we did the Deck of Card workout. You draw a card and do however many push ups the card is, face cards are 10 and Aces are 11, then after you do that many push ups you rest for the same interval in seconds. So if you draw an “8” you do 8 push ups then rest for 8 seconds then draw another card. It is a total of 260 push-ups in a short amount of time, and very challenging. But we had some music playing and each other to push through it. Some people could not make it through, when that happens you do a body bridge instead of the push-ups, that way you are still doing work. It was pretty tiring, but we weren’t done yet! Jen led us through the ab workout they do in gymnastics… and you know gymnasts have STRONG cores, that was harder than the push-ups! Haha but after it all it felt good to get in a work out and do so with my fellow Beaver athletes. We even practiced dong wall hand stands for a bit, and let me tell you… Me upside down against a wall is quite a feat! haha

After everyone got cleaned up Roberto, Jen, MC, Kristen and myself played a game Roberto made up, called Berto Ball, and it is the lamest game you have heard of, but we had a great time and are going to play it again this week. You pretty much sit on the edge of the bed and one person lays on the floor tosses a small soft ball up and uses their hand as a bat and hits it off the wall and tries to hit or “tag” someone one the edge of the bed.. but the people on the bed cannot move. Lol yeah we were kinda bored haha but it was all fun. Post Berto ball, I went to my room, looked at some new YouTube videos and blogged a little bit, organized some photos, and spent some well enjoyed time on Skype. After a long day of events and driving my small dorm sized bed felt great.




#NP Hillbilly Deluxe- Brooks & Dunn

Yeah- I love country music and its feelin like country time:)

Saturday June 18th, 2011

          Well, everyone woke up this morning tired from last night and the full week of work, but everyone was excited for our first full day off our usual worksite. Today we were headed to the town of Veles, Macedonia, which is just over an hour drive from our hotel in Kumanovo. On the way the bus driver found some American radio station and we hard some serious classics like In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins and Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff. At one point we were lost in what appeared to be a Macedonian ghetto with projects and dirty streets and… well it was just a shady area… lol. Once we got to Veles, and the Habitat for Humanity site, we got a tour of the area and the 5-year project, which is about halfway completed. The apartments were pretty nice and constructed with some “green” materials, that plus the government and property management makes this a prime spot to live for families in the area. We split into groups for various tasks, Roberto, Joe, Howard, Kristen and I had the task of painting the inside of an apartment. The paint was literally the same consistency as and resembled skim milk! But we used our rollers and brushes to milk the walls, and boy did we do a good job!

         When the work was done, we walked down the hill to the Habitat for Humanity building/ base station for a Barbeque. Some local families and families who were moving into the houses were there; they cooked for all of us as a thank you for coming and helping them:)  The BBQ included a homemade tomato, onion, cucumber salad (delicious), and a smorgasbord of grilled meats including beef/pork patties and sausages and chicken (also delicious). Although it was really tasty and very much enjoyed, there was an abundance of meat that was cooked up, I felt kind of bad we could not eat anymore- but seriously we were all stuffed and couldn’t think about ANY food!!

         At the BBQ was a family, with each member being an extremely talented artist. The son Stefan, (12), actually drew some pictures for us after his older sister showed us some of his paintings on her phone. He redrew on of his favorites in about 30 minutes than drew the old school OSU Beaver logo that has been proudly visible on the front of my hat. OH MY GOODNESS.. this kid is could be world wide famous someday! I kept both drawrings he did and have plans to frame and hang them up in my house back in Corvallis.

         After dinner we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up and head to dinner, we went to a place called Petopah YapAack. A second story restaurant in the middle of Veles, with American subtitled menus. We were able to order whatever we wanted, with this privilege at hand, I ordered a Greek salad, toasted cheese, and a chicken steak with white rice and French fries… oh my gosh so BOMB! I’m sure it appears that I talk about food a lot on here but I love food and some of the stuff we are eating over here is just so tasty! We finished up a great dinner and as we were leaving our waiter told us to walk over and check out this new summer place that just open called Havana. Supposedly it was THE place to go in the summer and it just opened up yesterday. We took his advice and even though our directions were pretty sketchy to say the least, we found our way there. It was like a scene out of a Vegas nightclub. A huge pool with islands and a bridge to the islands, two-story club like area overlooking the pool… it was crazy. When we got there we were like the only people there so we just hung out for about an hour, then all of a sudden people just started pouring in and we found ourselves in the middle of a Macedonian club getting looks from everyone! Haha but despite the looks from everyone, we had a great time! No one over here dances but that didn’t stop us…. Oh no there was about 15 of us and we started a dancing area near the stage where the live saxophone player was jamming TO the techno/house music pulsating through out the place. At one point the music died down for a second so I started an “ OOOOO…SSSSS…UUU Oregon state fight fight fight” chant and all of us started doing it. Hahaha it was AWESOME!! It was a great night and the perfect way to send Dom back home. He had to go home to make it back in time for a summer school class. He is greatly missed already- Dom if your reading this… “ Ol’ poured cement all day bricks- not the same without you here bricks… everyone misses you bricks… jealous your eating American food BRICKS!!”

         After Havana, we made it back to our hotel and went straight to sleep! Haha


I will post Sunday’s blog tomorrow and possible some more pics!



 #NP Barefoot Blue Jean Night- Jake Owens


I thought I should put a map on here and let everyone know exactly where we are right now. We are staying in a town called Kumanovo which is north east of the Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. We have traveled to a few other cities from 20 minutes to an hour and a half long drives. Just wanted to give a map of where we were:)

If you have any questions or comments for me you may email me at [email protected], Facebook me at, OR use the new chat room on the homepage of this website. I am going to try out this feature and see how it goes.

Talk to you soon!


#NP Is it possible- Raheem DeVaughn, a laid back chill R&B jam

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